Left to right: Julie, James, Courtney, Joe, Valerie, Debbie

What a great Team!!

James, Courtney, and Joe are Cardiovascular Techs. Val and I are both RN’s and Julie is our Department Secretary. I think the greatest part about my team is that these smiles are ongoing, as we all love what we do. We love patients and it shows. Working in the lab is not like work when you love what you do. We all take great pride and joy to see our patients well cared for and share in their success stories. We have so much to offer them; however, what we receive from them is so much more. When you make a difference in someone’s life it makes a difference in yours. We are very fortunate to be able to service the community and provide procedures and support that will help them get back to their daily activities.

-Debbie King, Director of Cardiology and Neurology