When Mary found out from her doctor she was at risk for type 2-diabetes, she felt underprepared. “I wanted to know everything about being diabetic. The thing I was most scared about was administrating my own shots. I talked to my doctor and he recommended the diabetes education course at Garden City Hospital.”

Mary Started attending the course and gained more knowledge of what it means to be pre-diabetic and ways to become healthier.

Some habits Mary has changed since joining the course are:

  • Increased her physical activity to 150 minutes a week
  • Started measuring her food intake with a food log
  • Started paying attention to food labels and what her food contained

Since then, Mary has noticed improvements in everyday activities, “I find some tasks, like carrying the laundry up the stairs, are much easier!”

Mary continues to work toward a healthier lifestyle. “Take the time out for yourself. It’s one hour a week to help yourself.”

To sign-up for a Garden City Hospital T2 Diabetes class, please call 734-458-4330.

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