Medical Records

The Medical Records, or Health Information Management (H.I.M.), the department is responsible for maintaining your medical record. This includes information such as:

  • Results of lab tests
  • X-rays
  • Physician examination reports
  • Medical treatment and medications
  • Observations by nurses and other members of your health care team

In accordance with Michigan Law 333.20175, Garden City Hospital has a 7-year retention policy for all medical records, with the exception of delivery records, kept for 11 years; and birth records, which are kept until the child reaches the age of 20. X-ray films are also kept for seven years.

Requesting Your Medical Record

To obtain a copy of a medical record, submit:

A completed Authorization to Disclose Health Information Form (download)
A written request with the patient’s full name at the time of treatment and date of birth
Identification of specific information to be released
The name and address of the person to whom records are being released
The date and signature of the patient or his or her legal representative

Requesting the Record of a Deceased Patient

You may obtain the medical record of a deceased patient by providing one of the following:

Death Certificate (ex. Surviving Spouse)
Your Birth Certificate to show the relationship of the deceased. (ex. Surviving Children)
Letter of Authority from the Probate Court naming you as personal representative of the estate of the deceased person.
Requests for medical records are usually processed within four business days of receipt. Records are sent free of charge when requested by a physician for medical follow-up care. Records requested for other reasons are subject to a processing fee.

You may request a copy of your medical record in person, mail, or fax to:
Garden City Hospital
Attn: Medical Records
6245 Inkster Road
Garden City, MI 48135

Fax 734-421-8371

** Please Note: For the protection of your privacy, records can not be mailed to your home or emailed.

Birth Certificates

Acquiring a Certified Birth or Death Certificate

Garden City, City Hall has birth/death certificates available for purchase in person or by mail. The cost is $15 for one copy and $5 for any additional copies purchased at that time. More information, such as hours of operation and location, can be obtained from the city of Garden City website or by calling 734-793-1620.

Download the Birth Certificate by Mail Form
Download the Death Certificate by Mail Form

You may also order vital records in person, by mail or online from the State of Michigan’s Vital Records office. For more information or to request forms, please visit the Michigan Department of Community Health website at or call their general information line at 517-335-8656.

The Vital Records Office
201 Townsend Street
Capitol View Bldg, 3rd Floor
Lansing, MI 48913