Garden City Hospital is proud to be training the next generation of physicians. The teaching program has provided postdoctoral medical education to more than 1,300 DOs, and currently has 89 residents in 10 different departments. The Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Neurology residency programs have achieved initial ACGME accreditation status over the last two years.

Recently, the program has incorporated new ways to encourage health and wellness among the residents themselves. “We want to make sure residents are taken care of and have a safe learning environment,” Dr. Obando-Solano said. She is the Designated Institutional Official and Director of Medical Education here at GCH. “We’re providing resources for alleviating stress and burnout, speakers on different topics during grand rounds, a dedicated recreational area and meals for the night call residents to encourage wellness among the team.” Residents, medical students and medical staff members are also part of a committee to discuss and implement new opportunities for wellness.

The Garden City Hospital teaching program has helped shape the practices and perspectives of many future practitioners. Hear what some of them had to say about their experiences here at GCH:

“I’ve had a very good experience here at Garden City. The people really care. That’s changed a lot of the way I do medicine and how I look at people. I’m happy to be here.” -Dr. Ghuneim

“In five years, I hope to be practicing as an emergency medicine physician, working on skills that I’ve learned at Garden City Hospital, and helping my patients the best ways possible.” -Dr. Ghuman