Read about these happy Garden City Hospital patients and families!

M. Hurley: ” Everything was great! Very happy with care!”

C. Nepsey: “Stay was wonderful, will definitely be back to this hospital.”

L. Edmonson: ” Hospital stay was wonderful, would definitely come back here, felt as though he was very well cared for, was extremely happy with his stay”

S. Fletcher: “Stay was wonderful; Everyone very caring from the nurses and doctors, to OT and PT. Everyone took wonderful care of her and made her laugh.” Pts daughter interjected: “that everyone made her stay with her mother very pleasant.”

A. Mesco: “Best Hospital Care Ever and I have been to a lot of hospitals. Very Impressed”

D. Saif, “Mother said her staff could not have been sweeter and kind.”

S.Gaines: “Tell your CEO you have an Excellent Team”

M. Breeding: “Everyone was just Wonderful”

C. Stafiej: “Really great nursing staff”

D. Kaczmarek: ” Wonderful Care”

L.Davis: “Everyone was Great!”

M. Potter: ” My stay was Great!