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I was a patient at GCH from Friday night 8/4 thru Monday 8/7. I started in the emergency ward with chest pains and spoke with Dr. Lee with Jennifer, Kristen, and Jennifer as an X-ray technician. While in ER I was attended to with speed, care, and professionalism that was unattained in any other hospital confinement ever. Nurses and staff were great. More over, my care while in room 240 with nurses Katie, Stacy, assistants Lou, I believe Stephanie, and also DRs Harber abd Shuker were outstanding. To many times people complain and talk about bad service or poor care, while on the 2nd floor with care by my primary nurse Katie, and other staff members, they made sure that I was as comfortable, in a tolerable pain, and cared for to the best of their ability. I can only compliment the staff for their care, professionalism, and great service during my stay. I would highly recommend this hospital and its staff for patient care and in time of emergency for speed and great service when needed.

Sincerely Martin Satz