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Cancer Care Close to Home

The diagnosis of Oncology & Cancer Care can have a profound effect on patients and their families, affecting physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual foundations. Yet, you need to know that you’re not alone. Chances are, you or someone you know will be touched by cancer. Fortunately, cancer treatment has come a long way. Many common diagnostic tests and treatments can now be provided in outpatient, and community settings.

Cancer care at Garden City Hospital may begin with preventative and diagnostic services such as mammography from our outpatient breast center, and continue with care with a medical oncologist as well as outpatient infusion services (chemotherapy). Surgery and other specialty care may be involved depending on the diagnosis. You’ll be glad to know that Garden City Hospital also has an outstanding rehabilitation program. Some types of cancers can involve related conditions such as lymphedema. Physical therapy can be helpful for this and other related conditions.

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Oncology & Cancer Care

Our Cancer Care team of professionals includes oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, referring physicians, and chemotherapy-qualified nursing staff who collaborate to determine the best treatment options for patients. We also work together to educate and empower patients, so they can actively participate in their own healing, and make informed treatment decisions that are based on their needs.

We know it’s important for patients to receive cancer care close to home. That’s why we and our physicians can provide referrals for support services to help you manage your journey. If you have a loved one that has cancer, feel free to set up an appointment to speak with our oncology specialists.

For more information on oncology services, please call Garden City Hospital at 877-717-9355.

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