Hope is Here.

At Garden City Hospital we offer a variety of rehabilitation services including inpatient and outpatient programs, speech therapy, and sports rehabilitation. Loss of independence after an illness or medical procedure can be daunting for both patients and families. Here at Garden City Hospital, we provide a wide range of services to help patients return to their normal lives quickly and confidently.

Our rehabilitation program and its board-certified team of experts have been recognized for outstanding services and quality of care, both locally and nationally, including the Nightingale Award, ARN Nurse Manager Award, Business Partner of the Year (Maple Manor), Recognition Award for 20 years of Dedication to Quality Improvement, just to name a few.
For further information, contact us at 734-458-3300

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation

Our inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services are comprehensive programs designed to address the physical and mental/emotional limitations patients face after an illness or medical procedure. We work with each patient to develop a rehabilitation program suited to their recovery goals. We involve the patient’s family and caregivers to ensure that they are surrounded by others that can properly support them throughout their program. Learn more about our inpatient rehabilitation and  outpatient rehabilitation programs.

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Garden City Hospital sports medicine and rehabilitation program provides individualized rehabilitation services for a variety of medical conditions and injuries. Our highly skilled professional staff works together with patients, their families, and their doctors to establish an individual treatment program. Our goal is to help patients achieve their maximum level of functioning through therapy and education. Learn more about sports medicine at Garden City Hospital.

Physical Therapy

Our staff at Garden City Hospital helps patients to improve their physical dysfunction that may have occurred from trauma, stroke, fracture, joint replacement, auto accident or physical defect. We provide physical therapy for adults as well as children. For more information on physical therapy rehabilitation, please call 734-458-3381.

Occupational Therapy

Our staff at Garden City Hospital helps patients achieve the highest level of independence and safety in routine daily activities and fine motor coordination. We provide occupational therapy for adults as well as children. Our therapists can also provide hand therapy for after hand surgery. For more information on occupational therapy rehabilitation, please call 734-458-3381.

Speech Therapy

Our staff at Garden City Hospital works hard with patients to improve speech and language impediments as well as swallowing difficulties that may have occurred from trauma, stroke or physical defect. We provide speech therapy for adults and children. For more information on speech therapy rehabilitation, please call 734-458-3381.

Home Health Care

Home health care bridges the gap by providing dependable care, enabling your loved one they are caring for to remain healthy and safe at home. United Home Health Services is a Medicare-certified, CHAP-accredited home health agency and is a service of Garden City Hospital. Our home health care offers both skilled nursing and private care services. UHHS has been serving the community for over 30 years. To speak with a member of the UHHS team, call 734-981-8820 or visit the UHHS page.