Wound Care & Limb Preservation

The Limb Preservation-Wound-Hyperbaric Center team is looking forward to providing you the necessary services to promote healing. We offer a comprehensive individualized Plan of Care which may include diagnostic testing, local advanced wound care, lymphedema therapy, diabetic education, and/or hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We have trained Certified Wound Nurses, Certified Hyperbaric Safety Director Technicians, Certified Hyperbaric Physicians, Cardiology, Podiatry, and Vascular support. Our staff will act as a representative with your insurance company if they require a referral. Please contact our center for questions or to schedule an appointment with our specialized team.
For further information, contact us at 734-762-9935

Core Values

Body tissue needs to have a good vascular support structure with blood and oxygen for it to thrive. Without this supporting system, tissue becomes damaged. This makes it hard for your body to repair itself and can result in poor circulation, increased risk for infection, and tissue death. This can lead to wounds not healing and/or possible amputation.

Limb preservation, wound, and hyperbaric healing begins with great CARE:

  • Client focused
  • Attentive
  • Respected
  • Excellent

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To speak with one of our qualified team members at the Limb Preservation, Wound & Hyperbaric Center, please call 734-762-9935.​

Located at Garden City Hospital 6245 Inkster Rd Garden City, MI 48135 (third floor).