“Thank you! Thank you for working your butts off during this pandemic. I appreciate that you’re risking your health to care for our community. I’m staying home to do my part. I wish you rest, and quiet from the storm.” Amy

“They were all working to get their patients well and with no regards for their own health! I saw patient, loving, kind folks doing their jobs at 110%! My hat’s off to the second floor crew at Garden City Hospital!”Taylor

“I wanted to send these blessings to all of you working the front line and keeping our friends and family safe & comfortable in your care! You are truly God’s blessings.” Judith

“Real heroes wear masks below their eyes.” Larry

“Praying for protection for all of the doctors and nurses right now.” Dianna

“Garden City family is like no other place I’ve ever worked. I’m proud to be a part of a work family that gives their all and does it with great heart! So proud of all of you!!” Kristal

“You are all angels. God Bless everyone and thank you ALL for all you’re doing. We are praying for all.” Ramona

“Thank you and all the other caregivers for your service in these dangerous times on the front lines! May God bless you all!” Betty

“You are truly heroic. Thank you for all you do!” David

“Garden City Hospital has the greatest employees who care so much! Our angels during these times. Thank you to all of you for everything you are doing.” Sandra

“God bless you all! Keeping all of you in our prayers.” Nancy

“God bless you for caring for all of us.” Dolores

“Stay as safe as you can! And thank you!” Bonnie

“Thank you to all of the healthcare workers who selflessly give themselves to others. You are true heroes and should be recognized as such. Love and blessings to you all. Stay safe and know we are all thinking of you.” – Your neighbors, the Cambridge Apartments staff