The Power of Connection

Mr. J was an elderly man who came to the hospital wanting nothing more than to see his wife, who was a patient at the time. He and his wide have been married for more than 50 years, he was lost without her. With statewide visitor restrictions in place, unfortunately he could not see her face to face. His heart sunk and sadness overwhelmed him. Garden City Hospital Patient Information Desk hero, Patty, called in another GCH hero, our Patient Experience Coordinator. Mr. J didn’t have a computer at home and has only a flip phone, so using the usual “Zoom” method for a virtual visit wasn’t feasible for him. Patient Experience Coordinator lent him her personal cell phone and took the tablet to the patient, Mrs. J, the love of his life, so they could see each other. They cried as they got to hear each other’s voices and see each other’s face. While not the same as being together, it was enough to put each other at ease for the day.