Dr. Enshiwat, MD

You’ve probably heard it before: eat your fruits and vegetables! But why is nutrition so important? According to the CDC, many Americans lack an adequate source of good nutrition. Adopting a healthy diet is one of the easiest ways to live longer and decrease your risk for serious illness. Dr. Enshiwat, an internal medicine physician at GCH, talked about the different ways you can integrate better nutrition into your daily life.

“You can never go wrong with things like fresh fruits and vegetables,” Dr. Enshiwat said. “But make sure you wash them thoroughly, especially now with the number of pesticides that are being used.” You also don’t have to eliminate foods from your diet. “Everything in moderation is acceptable,” Dr. Enshiwat said. “Nobody will tell you that you can never each French fries. If you have to have unhealthy foods once in a while, it’s okay- but for the most part, you should stick to a clean diet.”

A clean diet also means eating more whole grains and avoiding processed and packaged foods, including bacon, hot dogs, and deli meats. “[These foods] have no nutritional value and are more harmful than helpful,” Dr. Enshiwat said. She also recommends sticking to foods that have small ingredient lists and are easy to pronounce, such as nuts and eggs.

According to the FDA, the human body needs the right ‘mix’ of nutrients for good health. Vitamins and supplements can help you get the right amount these nutrients. “It’s recommended to try things like Ensure, Boost or protein supplements [that are] high in calories and protein to get the adequate calorie intake needed,” Dr. Enshiwat said. While the benefits of multivitamins haven’t been proven, there’s no harm in taking them. Making healthier eating choices can play a big role in your overall life. Talk to your doctor about which diet fits your needs.

Dr. Enshiwat is board-certified in internal medicine with an office in Garden City. Schedule an