There are numerous conditions or injuries that require the patient to undergo surgery in order to properly heal. When someone is set to have surgery, it’s easy for them to think about the procedure and what can happen, but this can also lead to them forgetting some of the basic things that they need to do before the surgery. Here are some of the things you should do prior to surgery to best prepare for the best possible procedure.

Avoid Eating or Drinking the Day of Surgery

When you are going to have surgery, it’s important to stop eating and drinking (including water) before midnight the day before. If you have to take medication, make sure you only take it with a very limited amount of water and do it well before the time of the surgery. Eating or drinking the day of surgery can with delay the surgery, or the procedure may be canceled altogether.

Remove Piercings and Makeup

Prior to the surgery, you will be asked to remove specific items, so it may be best to not wear them in the first place. This includes makeup, items in your hair, contacts, glasses, watches, jewelry, piercings, dentures, and other non-permanent items. It’s best to leave valuables at home to prevent losing anything.

Speak with Your Doctor

Surgery can be a frightening prospect. It’s important for patients to understand what to expect and what they may go through during the procedure. To help ease your mind, speak with your doctor about the procedure, find out what he or she recommends you do before arriving, and ensure you have a good understanding of what’s going to happen. You can also ensure your insurance covers the procedure and more.

If you are undergoing surgery, trust in our healthcare professionals at Garden City Hospital to take the utmost care of you. We understand this is a difficult time for you and we’ll do whatever can to ease your mind as we get you through the procedure.

Speak with our doctors to learn more about what to do before surgery.