If you’re seeing a doctor for the first time, it helps as a new patient to have a few things brought with you to facilitate and make the entire process more productive for yourself and for your doctor and helps them learn who you are and what your needs are.

1. List of your current medications. One of the things you should bring is a list of your medications that you take regularly. This doesn’t have to be a list of medications that you’ve taken over the last 20 years, but something that you currently are taking regularly, also known as maintenance medications. This may include blood pressure or cholesterol medication, heart pills, pain medication etc.

2. Knowing your history. Coming prepared with a history of your medical conditions and what kind of procedure you’ve had helps your physician know more about you and how to safely treat you for anything that comes up in the future.

3. List of questions. Last but not least, bring a list of questions. It’s very important when you come in that you’re not getting anxious because you’ve forgotten all the things you wanted to talk to your doctor about. A lot of patients will come in and say “well, I wanted to tell you about something but I’ve completely forgotten.” It helps to have a list written down. Since there isn’t always enough time to address everything on your list during your first visit, listing out your top three concerns is helpful and then coming back to address less pertinent concerns.

A list of questions and your medical history is helpful especially if you have been in a hospital or seen a doctor recently. Maybe the records obtain them, but it’s easier if you’ve had them in front of you so that your doctor can talk to you at the time you’re there for your first appointment.

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