Patient Guide-Day of Surgery

It’s the day of your surgery. Garden City Hospital (GCH) is committed to providing you with an exceptional surgical experience the moment you walk in the door through discharge and recovery. Understanding what to expect the day of surgery can alleviate some of the uncertainty you may feel. On your scheduled day of surgery, you should:

  • bring a picture I.D.
  • bring a current list of medications you are taking at home.
  • leave all valuables, large amounts of money, and credit cards at home.
  • dress in casual, loose-fitting clothing.

Follow the Doctor's Orders

Unless your surgeon or pre-operative nurse told you otherwise, you may take your morning doses of heart, blood pressure, seizure, anti-anxiety, chronic pain, reflux, Parkinson’s, antidepressant, or breathing medications in the morning with a very small sip of water. Patients should not swallow anything, including the water used to brush your teeth. Patients scheduled for surgery should not wear make-up, lotion, body powder, jewelry, contact lenses or body piercings.

Arriving For Surgery

Patients should arrive at the hospital at the time instructed by the Pre-Op Nurse (approximately 2 hours before your scheduled procedure). This will allow enough time to ready you for surgery. If additional testing is necessary, it can be done prior to surgery. Your family will be able to stay with you until you go to the Operating Room. Other things to remember include:

  • When you arrive at GCH, enter through the main entrance of the hospital. Keep to the right of the Information Desk and you will walk into the Surgery Center waiting area. Please sign in at the reception desk.
  • A parent must accompany a minor child.
  • If you are going home after surgery, your driver must stay at the hospital the entire time you are here.

Pre-Surgery Preparation & Visitors

After you sign in at the surgery reception desk:

  • You will be called and taken back to the Pre-Op area to get you ready for surgery.
  • Once in the pre-op room, you will be asked to change into a hospital gown. You must also remove glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, dentures and hairpieces before you go to the operating room (OR).
  • The nurse will review your medical history and take your temperature, blood pressure and pulse. Be sure to tell the nurse the exact time you last had anything to eat or drink.
  • You will be seen by an Anesthesiologist and your Surgeon prior to going into the OR.
  • While in the pre-op room two adult visitors may be with you at a time. To maintain your privacy, we may ask visitors to leave the room when we ask you personal questions about your health. Visitors may not go with you when you are moved to the OR.