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My experience at Garden City Hospital was scary as ever for me, but between my Doctor Sanjaghsaz his assistants and the 3 nurses (2 day shift Nurses Raleigh and Shelia I hope I spelled it correctly if not forgive me and 1 excellent midnight Nurse Lori (Lori you are an excellent example of a nurse with a heart of gold I can’t thank you enough) on the Labor and Delivery Unit) 🙌🏽🤗👍🏽 To all of you, you guys ROCKED IT‼️‼️‼️ Thank you all for getting me back to my pride and joy🤗 Some ppl will never understand the roles of Doctors, Nurses and Nursing Assistants have, but I’m definitely one that have now been on both ends of it and you all have truly motivated me to continue on in my role as a CPCT brightening up patients days one patient at a time making them smile, feel secure, and cared for when they need someone the most. Thank you all once again ‼️‼️‼️ From Robin and Khloè